Our Dogs

Meet Our Dams

Our Dams are pure bred Retrievers and registered with AKC and CKC . The Sire is also​ pure bred and registered with AKC and CKC. All of our Doodle puppies come with a litter registration from CKC.


~ Pure Bred Golden Retriever
~ Gorgeous Field Red 
~ AKC & CKC registered
                                                             ​~ Friendly, and Lovable                                                                ~Future mom Oct 2020



~ English Cream Golden Retriever
​~ AKC and CKC registered
~ Docile, Sociable, and Loving  ~Future mom August 2020


Princess Lexi

~ Pure Bred Golden Retriever
​~ AKC & CKC Registered
                 ~ Lively, and Sweet                  ~ Mom of F1 Goldendoodles


Lola Belle

~ English Cream Golden Retriever
​~ AKC & CKC Registered
                                    ~ Sweet and Friendly                                     ~Future mom Oct 2020

Princess Kiahna

~ F1 Labradoodle
​~ ICA Registered
~ Future F1b Mom- Oct. 2020
~ Loveable and Full of Life


We now have our own male Poodle for our own breeding program.    


~ Pure Bred Poodle
~ 65 lbs.
~ AKC & CKC Registered
~ Sweet Boy
~ On-site Sire

Hudson’s Litter’s

 Goldendoodles & Labradoodles

Our Guarantee to You

Our goal is to provide you with a healthy puppy that will give you joy for years to come. Along with that we provide a one year health guarantee. The Breeder’s reimbursement to the adoptee for reasonable veterinary costs will not exceed the adoption price.

Please take your new puppy to the vet within 48-72 hours of purchase. If your vet finds a structural or genetic problem that cannot be remedied, please have him/her write us a letter of explanation and fax it to our vet at Sunbury Animal Hospital.
This guarantee does not cover accidents or problems that can be cured, such as worms, fungal infections, or diseases that your puppy has contracted from other animals after it has left our care. This guarantee does not cover dental issues unless your puppy dentist can prove that it was genetic. This guarantee does not cover cancer of any form unless our vet can prove it is genetic.
This health guarantee does not cover hip dysplasia since this is a condition that has many variables that contribute to it’s onset. Exercise, diet, etc..
We offer a 1 year replacement guarantee for genetic or structural problems. The purchaser is responsible for returning the dog to us, at their cost.
We reserve the right to require that you take your puppy/dog to our vet at Sunbury Animal Hospital, Sunbury, PA for evaluation at your expense.