“We all adore Cori! She is a little princess in our house   and so cute! She is also sweet and loving.                      

Her and her brother Remi (Mocha) are a great pair, so comical and so much fun. They are always playing        with each other (ie. wrestling, chasing each other, or    biting the other’s ears. They play all day. They                sometimes share toys and other times fight over them.

Cori has gone through a few puppy classes and I am looking into putting her in more eventually so she can become a therapy dog. She gives high 5, sits, stays, and rings the bell to go out. She loves care rides, walks, toys, and treats. her favorite snack is peanut butter and she will get very possessive and will actually growl if you try to take it away from her. This summer she loved splashing in the kiddie pool and would spend hours in it. Her brother Remi hated it and she would splash him what seemed to be on purpose like a kid. She is a people person and always needs to be near someone. She will cry if you leave the room.” ~ Robin                                  

Merlin (Charming)

“Hey wanted to give you a quick update. Merlin, (was Charming) had his first full grooming today and was thinking of you guys. He has been great! Leo has been a great big brother in showing him the ropes. Merlin is almost 8 months now! I’ll attach some pictures. Thanks for raising such great puppies.” ~ Kyle

“I can’t say enough about how much Keystone Classic Doodles has made our doodle home the best. From the day I asked them to put us on the waiting list for our red boy, they were great. Charlene kept in touch with us every step of the way. I loved getting the call when they were born and when she told us he was the lone boy out of 11. We loved meeting all of their family. Charlene sent us pictures every week and updates on not only him but his 10 little sisters. We loved his name Remington that they gave him. I am enjoying sending them pictures as he grows. We are so thankful for finding them and our “little man” since he is the baby of 2 other doodle boys. Kaiden said to let you know he loves his Remi. ️. Thank you for giving us our Case Remington.” ~ Ami

Case Remington

Desmond (Simba)

“We got our puppy, Desmond, a year ago. He is my best friend and such a healthy, well mannered (albeit still a puppy ?) dog and we are so thankful to have found a breeder that takes such good care of their dogs and puppies and treats them all like they are their own. Definitely recommend! Thank you!!!!” ~ Mary

” Lulu is the best. We absolutely adore her. She is the best swimmer, she jumps off daddy’s kayak and swims to mommy’s and back and forth and back and forth. She loves going on hikes and she loves car rides. She goes to doggy day care once a week to play with her friends and throughout the summer you could typically find her taking up an entire baby pool to herself cause she loves water so much. We took her to a puppy training school and she did a great job. She loves taking selfies and she loves trying to hug people on walks (we are trying to teach her that even though she loves everyone, not everyone loves dogs, hahaha). Thanks again for such a wonderful purchasing experience and for breeding such a great dog. We love her to pieces .” ~ Leigh Ann 

Lulu (Cinnamon)


“I got my goldendoodle, Montana, in the fall of 2017. She is the sweetest dog to everyone she meets. She’s so smart, yet silly too! She makes our family smile and laugh each and every day! Keystone Classic Doodles were very kind and helpful. I could tell the puppies were surrounded by a caring family! Thank you so much!” ~ Taylor 

“We got our happy and healthy girl about two years ago and couldn’t be happier. From first contact to when we picked our girl up, we were in constant contact with the breeder. It made us feel at ease knowing every step of the process. Everything was handled with respect, professionalism and compassion as well as organization with all paperwork. So thankful for Charlene and her family for the love and care they’ve shown their animals and continue to do so. I highly recommend anyone looking for a puppy to reach out to Keystone for exceptional service and a furever companion.” ~ Nicole

Piper (Belle)

Rosey (Nala)

“My Rosey is, without a doubt, the best canine companion I have ever had! She shows great intelligence, has trained so easily, is very loyal, friendly with people and other dogs, and loves the water. I feel very confident that her birth and initial puppy care by Keystone Classic Doodles was instrumental in her wonderful development. The Horst’s are great people who have created a loving environment for these awesome dogs. I recommend them to anyone interested in this amazing breed.” ~ Nancy 

“We got a dog here about two years ago. They have the best dogs. They’re loving, caring, and healthy.❤️ They really love their dogs and they take good care of them. I will absolutely get another one from them. Can’t wait till I do! Best people you’ll meet.” ~ Jennifer

Miley (Paisley)

Dolly (Kiara)

“We purchased our labradoodle from the Horst’s and she is such a good mannered and healthy puppy! Definitely recommend them to get a good dog from!”    ~ Laura

“Hi Charlene! Thought I’d send you an update on Merle (Rolo). He’s such a cutie and about 25 pounds now! Growing so fast. He’s very curious, brave, and full of energy. He is a handful, but, we love him to death. Thanks for bringing this handsome little guy into our lives!” Madelyn and Nolan

Merle (Rolo)

Stella (Cassia)

“Stella is doing absolutely amazing! We love her more than anything in this world, of course!?  She is smart, playful and gets sweeter by the day. She has tons of energy as expected but also loves a good nap. 

We have done all her training by ourselves with much success. She is a very well behaved dog! She is a great listener. We did crate train her and she still loves her crate, but she has been able to roam free in our house when we are not home since she has been about 5 months old. She has never destroyed any of our belongings! I attribute that to tons and tons of toys and bones! She now weighs about 54 pounds.

We are so blessed to have such a great dog and we thank you!” ~ Montanah

“We are madly in love with our girl Ivy “Charoli” and we feel blessed to have her. She’s incredibly smart and trained very easily. Ivy loves playing with all her many toys and romping at the dog park. She’s very people friendly andprefers the attention of people more so than other dogs. She travels with us everywhere we can take her and probably her most favorite activity is hanging her head out the car window. She loves long naps and food and let’s us know when it’s time to eat! We love our girl so much and could not be happier with her!  ~ Julie & family

Other Happy Customers

Our Guarantee To You

Our goal is to provide you with a healthy puppy that will give you joy for years to come. Along with that we provide a one year health guarantee. 

Please take your new puppy to the vet within 48 to 72 hours of adoption and stay current with all future visits. This guarantee covers your puppy for 1 year from birth.  If your vet finds a structural or genetic problem that cannot be remedied, please have him/her write us a letter of explanation or fax it to our vet at Sunbury Animal Hospital.

This guarantee does not cover accidents or curable diseases, such as worms, fungal infections, or diseases that your puppy has contracted from other dogs, neglect, or mistakes in taking care of your puppy. This guarantee does not cover dental issues unless your puppy dentist can prove that it was genet.

This health guarantee does not cover hip dysplasia since this is a condition that has many variables that contribute to it’s onset. Exercise, diet, etc.. This guarantee does not cover cancer because of its many variables.

If your puppy is found to have a genetic disorder missed at the original exam we will replace your puppy with a puppy from a current or future litter. The purchaser is responsible for returning the dog to us, at their cost.

We reserve the right to require that you take your puppy/dog to our vet at Sunbury Animal Hospital in Sunbury, PA for evaluation at your expense.